Monday 1 April 2019

Grand Sale!!!

So, it seems, my blog is getting dusty with the lack of new designs and the accessibility of Instagram. Unfortunately, it's just this period in life that should pass by itself. But I still have something to share.

I love giving presents. Much more than receiving them. So, with my birthday approaching I decided on some gifts for those who follow my experiences, adventures and, I hope, growth as a person and crocheter. Neither too obvious.

Thus, I'm glad to announce that all items in my Etsy shop and Ravelry store are 35 per cent off with a discount code "HBD2019", starting from today, April 1, and till April 14. Because some things should be celebrated grandly.

Second, there's a giveaway running on my IG account.

You can get:
- a French Market Tote (pattern by @twoofwands),
- a large fruit bag,
- a small fruit bag,
- my second Stygimoloch prototype.
The rules are in the last post, the giveaway is running till Saturday, April 6.

The rest are just a few pics of my recent FOs: the second Lost in Time Shawl (by @mijocrochet) and a hedgehog.

While I was making the latter, I asked myself why I stopped using the loop stitch while making the toys.

The answer was obvious when I had stuffed it. Nevertheless, its new owners love it and it has already joined their hedgehog collection.

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