Monday 7 January 2019

Entering 2019 like...

For the first time ever I decided to sum up a year of my life. It was a weird one, with many losses and many lessons, but I'm out of it stronger and healthier.

I started eating low-carb, lost a few pounds and a lot of visceral fat, my joints are in a much better shape (just like my ovaries), and I survived 2018 without any major depression episodes and just a couple of mild anxiety attacks (which were gone with the diet change). This year I want to work out more, stretch more, build up some muscle mass, start running (that last one was a funny one) and just generally get fitter.

Right before New Year I lost my grandpa to his third stroke. He passed away peacefully, surounded by his children. Unfortunately, I was unable to say goodbye to him but his last wishes were granted and he will always be loved and remembered by his family. This passing was, to some extent, his own decision, because his condition after two previous strokes had been torturing him and he would tell me he had gotten tired of living this way whenever we were on the phone. We had a memorial meeting yesterday and everyone was recalling how kind, generous and amazing grandpa had been. And he always will be.

I parted with a few friends, a boyfriend and a man I had been dreaming of all my life that year, too. People come, teach us and leave when it's their time. They taught me to respect myself, stand my ground and be who I am without trying to please someone else. And that's been the most valuable lesson I've learnt so far. Also, weave in the ends as you go. I made new friends, as well, and have been enjoying our communication very much.

I started a mindful low-waste journey. There have been things I adopted earlier, but that year I paid more attention to what I do, buy and how I use things. I switched to reusable bags, water bottle, menstrual cup, bamboo toothbrushes and cotton buds, to glass containers and used books; I reuse plastic ziplock bags and wait for the silicone ones to arrive; I have never bought much clothes and donated a lot last year, too. I plan to start crocheting beautiful things for the low-waste journey for myself and others in 2019 and, hopefully, collaborate with some eco shop.

In 2018 I made:
- 1 pair of socks,
- 2 bunnies,
- 1 pair of slippers,
- 1 table runner,
- 4 placemats,
- 2 zombies,
- 2 Batmen,
- 2 small Earl dogs,
- 2 large Earl dogs,
- 1 blouse,
- 2 cowls,
- 1 Lost in Time shawl (the 2nd one is coming),
- 4 hats,
- 1 Stripey,
- 2 Stygimolochs,
- 2 afghans,
- 14 piglets.
44 finished objects all in all (if I haven't forgotten any).

I finished my Sunshine blanket eventually! 1 month short of 3 years. And I'm taking a break from large projects. It weighs over 8 lbs (almost 4 kg) and measures over 7'3 (2.2 metres) across and doesn't fit anywhere. But it looks so darn good.

I also found a couple of unfinished tits from many years ago. They need finishing this year. Definitely.


  1. That is an amazing afghan and so much more! Looking forward to seeing what you make and do this year! Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you! I'm planning to eventually destash this year (2 boxes out of 4 are almost gone now, yay), so, there should be a lot!