Wednesday 27 July 2016

Little Woolly Sheep

Okay, here's a little confession, I adore exhibitions and being part of them. Most times I'm like, "Hello, I've got social awkwardness and I want to go home", but when it comes to crocheting, it's like being part of a loving and approving family.

So, I have already enjoyed participating in World Amigurumi Exhibition and Woolly Wellbeing Research Project, and this time it's Yarndale's turn. Last year it was all about flowers, but I wasn't into that, unfortunately. This year the Little Woolly Sheep accidentally popped up in one of my favourite blogs and caught my eye.

The pattern was designed by Lucy from Attic24 and can be found here. My sheep turned out.. umm.. chubbier than the original one.. no-no, "fluffier" is the right word :) And, as there's still plenty of strawberries in our garden, I decided to decorate her sweater with them.

I tried "purled" single crochets and suspect that her "fluffiness" is their fault.

Isn't she a sweet little thing? Her face looks a bit curious.

Now, you can see, she's a big girl!

And the sweater details. I tried to make the appliques flat, but they kept turning out ugly, so, there wasn't much choice.

She's leaving for the UK on Saturday. It will be amazing, if you meet her at Yarndale 2016.

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