Thursday 21 July 2016

Frida's Flowers

My vacation is over. The whole 3 weeks flew past like one day.

Tim turned 10 this year and we went on a big anniversary trip. We visited St. Petersburg and - OMG! - I would stay there for much longer than a week. There are much more places of interest there than in Belgrade that I visited earlier this year. Especially, if you travel with kids. Perhaps, I was just better prepared this time and chose a better season. Anyways, St. Petersburg was a hit with its fresh and grey Gulf of Finnland, centuries of Russian monarchy and modern entertainments. Kids-friendly, wheelchair-friendly, just a generally people-friendly city. I fell in love with it. There will be a couple of photo posts about these journeys some time later. One day. They aren't crochet related, right?

So, I had joined the Mile High Club with my cotton top on the plane to Belgrade, but didn't take any WIPs to St. Petersburg, because there were patterns to be written and proof-read and yarn would have distracted me... Holy cow! I returned home with my hands trembling and searching for a hook. The weather turned pretty cool for a while right when we got back, around 14 degrees Celsius - the best weather for crocheting with wool blends. So, I continued unstashing and decided to catch up with Jane Crowfoot's Frida's Flowers. I was following the Lily Pond CAL with my eyes last year, but, unfortunately, not with my hands. But this time it was an obsession. Who's crocheting at 3 a.m. with black yarn and a tiny desk lamp? Oh yesss... 2 weeks later the flowers were in full bloom. Yesterday was a "take-your-crocheting-at-work-day", so, I could take a photo in the natural light, but not in a very pretty background.

I'm so tempted with those tiny 25 g skeins of Scheepjes Catona, but I can't afford them before one of my large Ikea boxes stuffed with yarn is emptied.. But I want them so much...

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