Wednesday 20 April 2016

zombie boy

Sometimes you just stumble across an amazing pattern, amazing and quite pricey, something that will not fit your monthly budget because, despite trying to save, you have already bought that yarn and this yarn (although, you promised yourself to only use what you already have at hand in 4 large Ikea boxes and never buy a skein until you unstash) and have like a $50 pre-order for eyes.. But then you suddenly receive something extra, and it's so conveniently transferred to your PayPal account that the temptation is hard to vanquish. So, yeah, I submitted and bought the patterns I wanted :)

This is the Zombie boy called Vasiliy. It actually seems to me that was the original name when I first saw him, though later he's become a nameless zombie boy.

Have you ever bought a perfect pattern? The one that you just folow along and everything looks according to the picture? Well, this is the one. Except that I stuffed the head too firmly, and Vasya got a chin :)

But look at these sweet hands with fingers,

these lovely feet with toes,


And an awesomely ugly and detailed face :)

He was exactly what I needed for a change, my meditation and brain cleaner. Next time I hope to give him a kawaii-er look :)

You can buy the pattern here: Zombie boy
The author also offers a Christmas version.

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