Wednesday 6 April 2016


I was reflecting for quite a long time about the necessity of this post.. And yeah, it's necessary.

Every year I become emotional mess right before this day. Because every year I feel that I've accomplished NOTHING, that a year just flew past me. Since crocheting has become my obsession, my itch,  it's become the main measuring cup of accomplishements. And apart from the usual stuff that makes me feel like a complete loser and time-waster, my latest design wasn't successful. Like, at all. Yep, it happens, but a very smooth start had spoilt me, so, I became emotionally messier than usual.

But then I thought, "Hey girl, look what you've done in a little more than a year working freaking 55 hours a week:
- a blog, that is more or less on the run;
- 10 patterns, written from scratch but with still imperfect photos - and you had no idea how to do this at all;
- guest contributions for a popular crochet blog;
- participation in World Amigurumi Exhibition vol. 2, which was very honorable.."

Yeah, I'm not satisfied, because I could do better. But this means space for improvement. I want to design more, but I want to knit and crochet more, as well. So, it will still be the juggling of priorities. But there will be a book, mos def. Even 2 books. Maybe, it will take me 5 years to accomplish, but there's a dream to pursue. A book of amigurumis and a Mori girl book. Yes, and a CAL. Or even more than just one...

Dear Universe, send me a couple of maternity leaves to fulfil all that I plan!

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