Monday 22 December 2014

My son isn't keen on making things (which is strange taking into account his crafty parents), so I registered him for a Christmas tree contest at school. Quite a logical momma. I saw a nice idea on Pinterest: cardboard trees covered with paper. They were so cute that I decided to take them as a model. My mistake. We were cutting paper and gluing it all Saturday evening (yeah, I managed to get the kid involved in cutting. Give him a pair of scissors and he will move the world). And on Sunday morning it was a complete disaster, wavy and messy.. All day I was trying to make something up. We needed to redecorate the trees and make them look neat and, at the same time, crafted by a child, something easy and viewy. My only strong suit is yarn. So, let it be yarn. And buttons. And bells. And beads. And a bit of cotton for snow. Some juvenile labour. And some colour correction. So, here they are.

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