Tuesday 23 December 2014


I hate being pressed for time. It stresses me out. There are 3 papers needed to be written by.. a week ago.. and an amigurumi for a contest, by Friday. Oh, two amigurumis. And there are only two legs and a little piece of bottom ready. And my inner hamster makes me post pictures of the elf sheep crocheted for the Christmas fair. The pics aren't ok again, because it is always dark here in winter, and I just snapped the sheep to send them to my friend and too lazy to Photoshop anything. If you like them, I can write a pattern. Someday.. After Christmas..

Look at this face! It reminds me of Puss in Boots..

If I tell you that I like hematite beads for eyes, I lie. It's usually when the ends are weaved and I like, "What? The eyes! Oh, sh.. I can't unweave the thread.. Wait, here are some hematite beads!!!" However, they look well on black.

And here are the "hatted" elves.

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