Wednesday 29 August 2018

Now or never

Unfortunately, the most usual thing about me is screwing deadlines. Especially, the crafty ones. Especially, the ones I set for myself. When there is no dependence on outside circumstances, I'll screw it. I was going to finish the piglets a week after the post - along with the lapghan - and I didn't. The pigs aren't yet dressed up, but I still have something to show you.

First, here's my stash buster, Speckled Squares Blanket by Jackie Hodson. It turned out, my stash was too small for a decent full-size afghan, so, I got a lapghan of approx. 84 by 112 cm (or 33" by 44"). Now it requires a rocking chair, a house with the terrace in the north (for the rocking chair), Autumn and hot cocoa.

I ran out of some colours in the process and decided to needle-felt something of a similar shade. It looks pretty nice even after washing in the washing machine. No seams, no knots - perfect.


You can grab the pattern or a kit (when they are restocked) here:

Back to the pigs, I got the whole gang assembled. Just look at them!

If they don't make you silently "awww", then I don't know what wrong is with you, cold-blooded, ice-hearted humans!

I managed to dress 2 of them before the double-sided Tunisian hook got me captivated.


Which actually resulted in a human-size slouchy hat, to match the piggy someone might want to adopt. I was planning to try finished items on Etsy once again. So, all of them will go to my shop soon (unless you are eager to get them before the official shop restock, then just leave a comment).


So, tonight I'm back to the pig accessorizing and I hope to finally finish all coats, hats and scarves!

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