Monday 23 January 2017

St. Valentine's 2017

Mr F asked me to send him a few examples of my work, so, I decided to make a few quickies: Piglet, Bunny McCarrots (no Christmas sweaters this time, just a carrot) and a couple of animated cacti.

Yesterday was Piglet's turn. A funny fact: that's one of my least crocheted projects except for a few woodland friends, but they'd already got a well-tested shape by that time. I usually make 3 prototypes, but this little pig turned out perfect right after the first one. I love his shy smile and kind eyes and I think there should be more enamoured piglets in this world, and I might perhaps stock him on Etsy as a ready-made amigurumi. And it's his 2nd anniversary this week.

The pattern is available everywhere:


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