Thursday 16 June 2016

geometrical clutch

Work is hectic these weeks. My lunchtime (read, happy hour) usually shortens to 15 minutes, evenings are filled with cooking, summer reading and all, so, I feel like an addict who cannot satisfy their needs.

However, after the fingerless gloves I managed to finish another project in 2 versions, the full-size one and a small one. The bigger clutch needs lining and zipping, the smaller one got a snap button and functions well. The WWRP made me refocus and, even though, I still prefer my little babies, I started considering a collection of bags. The early bird is out, the two others are on their way. The afghans are put on hold because it's too hot for them. And I've finally chosen the pattern for the upcoming dress. Well, taking into account the speed of my writing and editing, it's going to take a couple of months or more (yep, Bunny McCarrots is still unpatterned). So, I'll just share the projects for now.


 The true colour of the big clutch is in the W.I.P. picture. And it can almost hold an A4 folder :)

The small one can hold my phone, keys, cards and a bit of cash. And it can function as a purse if you remove the handle.

By the way, I got a mini lightroom! The small clutch was photographed inside it and looks decent with the natural colours.

Then I took the strawberry pattern from the Stripey pack, a couple of safety eyes, some embroidery floss and a spring hook and - voila! - a kawaii keychain is ready. It's really amazing how a couple of tiny details can make anything kawaii.

He lacks the spring hook in the first pic and has his leaves unblocked (it's clearly a boy, duh), and is "polished" for the second one. And here he models with my purse.

My top is ready, too, but, as usual, I don't like the way it fits and all. But there will be photos later anyway.

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