Thursday 24 March 2016

Sunshine Blanket

I always have several projects at hand due to my choleric temperament: I have to switch between tasks to work more effectively. So, Bunny was a necessary interruption of a much bigger project. I generally suck at big projects, because it's boooooooring. However, I managed to finish 2 tablecloths (one of them took me several years lol) and a dress. This time I fell for a blanket. Which was not technically a blanket, but Dandelion Mandala with Dandelion Border. I also incorporated Lucky Quatrefoils and a bit of Sophie's Universe. And there will be something else, mostly improvised. And I have to improvise for another metre - at least! - to fit for a bed! But it's already gorgeous, freaking warm and heavy. Ta-da!

Yeah, this baby needs some good blocking..

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