Saturday 21 November 2015

World Amigurumi Exhibition in New York

This is it. The guys are waiting at the Russian border. I haven't taken separate pictures of the amigurumis, but you've already seen most of them here. Hope, they will make it on time. This year keeps bringing the amazing experiences to help me grow and find a way in this life. And get what I really want.

Anyways, the white background wasn't the best choice in this case...


  1. They are adorable! Is there somewhere I can subscribe to your blog to get the latest posts?

    1. I added a subscription window. Hope, it works :)

  2. Oh, thank you very much for your attention. Actually, I'm a technically handicapped slowpoke, so, the subscription hasn't even occured to me :) I'll try to solve this issue as soon as possible and let you know. If you have a blog, you can simply add me to your blog list.