Tuesday 16 June 2015


Long time no see again :) My graduation is closer every day. It's going to happen in, actually, 10 days! NEVER! Never again will I get into this mess with higher education!

So, while the professor was "checking" my final paper, I gave myself some rest. So, there was a big summer cleaning this weekend (I washed all the windows in the flat including the balcony), a little bit of shopping, walking, gardening and crocheting.

Half of my bok choy broke into flowers due to the hot weather, but another half was saved and roasted with garlic and a bit of salt yesterday. Awesome!

I gathered a jar of honeyberries and a handful of strawberries.

Here comes a little confusion because we distinguish between two major types of garden strawberries: Fragaria ananassa and Fragaria alpina. The first type has bigger berries than the second type, but, technically, they are the same. Fragaria alpina is already ripe, and Fragaria ananassa is on its way.
I also got some sorrel for the soup and dill. So, the dinner yesterday was absolutely delicious.

To crown it all, I spent the whole Friday crocheting Freddie Mercury by MojiMojiDesign. I skipped a few details like the mic and the blingy details of the jacket, nevertheless, he turned out quite cute.

I also started 90 Days of Actions and today is Day 4. Pretty challenging after several months without any exercise, but my workout today is my warm-up tomorrow.

My Korean learning isn't in its best state, but I managed to read a whole book and with the oppa's help understood most of it. I'm not boasting or anything.. But 별 별 공주님 is kind of above my level of the language, so, I can be proud of myself :)

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