Thursday, 5 February 2015

those olden days...

Every time I feel tired and think about having a rest, I catch a cold. The most annoying is if it happens in summer. But now it's still winter and I feel like a mess and, instead of working, want to stay in bed till spring, like a bear. Ok, I'm lying. As soon as my temperature falls to a more or less normal digits, I take out my hook. It all began with hats...

2 years ago I had a severe case of genyantritis, so that I had to stay at home, keep myself warm and all. I made two hats then, one was a bearded beanie with a detachable beard and a very well-grown moustache. This beanie made me upset a bit. I started working with online customers and online shops. And very soon received several unpleasant messages, one charging me with plagiarism (the most awesome thing about it was that the charge was from a guy who had never been connected to crocheting or knitting and made leather bags based on some other people's ideas, ironically), another explaining me that the hat was too unpractical and pricey. Welcome to the real world, girlie... So here it is, my ugly, unpractical, stolen baby:

To be frank, there were very nice clients, and I hope these hats warm their cheeks this winter, too.

The second hat was meant to be for skiing, but it didn't fit me (see?) and I brought it to the Christmas fair. So now, somebody else must be skiing in it.

Right after the second hat I recieved a call from my son's kindergarten teacher asking to make something for the group project based on our town's history. So I rummaged through my postcards and found one with the local cathedral... 
Unfortunatelly, I hadn't taken the finished project's picture, but it was really cute and very handmade-y.

Last year I caught the beginning of my favourite genyantritis, avoided fever and made do with only pills. This was the time for DROPS home shoes. I walk barefoot around, so these ones were for my friend from the cold Ural mountains. She said she slept in them all winter.

I have two pairs waiting for this winter's sick leave :)

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