Wednesday 25 February 2015

As I'm airing my brain between term papers, I almost don't crochet. These days the best remedies are "The Sims 3" (my protagonist girl is already widowed with 6 children, one of whom is gay and one bisexual; the older boys have 2 degrees each and the younger are planning to go to college, and other random curious stuff) and "Zeus" (went to bed at 3 a.m. on Monday and had to get up at 5.30 for work). You see, absolutely no time for crochet :) 

While the designs are getting ripe in my head, I'm making presents for my friend in Cambodia. Her son desperately needs a minion and she needs a pair of socks, due to the climate, lacy and cotton. Last year I made a basic minion doll. I was so in love with that bare-bottomed guy from "Despicable Me 2" that I decided to make it naked and crochet all details separately: gloves, boots, overall and goggles. But... It just didn't turn out right. I was absolutely in no mood for redesigning it, taking into the account the amount of time it took to fit all the proportions. So, here comes pattern time. Most free patterns have many felt details which is absolutely against my nature (I used to crochet the eyes because of this little conservative bug). And then I came across AradiyaToys minions and thought, "Ok, girl, it's quite cool to save money and use free patterns or design your own ones, but there are people who have already invested their time, skill and effort in the things you need. Why not support them?" And bought all her minion patterns at once :) So my son is already walking around and asks when I'm going to finish Stuart and make an evil minion and Stuart, and Tim for my "little baby boy" (sweet little baby who has my shoe size). Oh Gosh, on Sunday, I told you!

The spring is slowly coming to town, and it's high time to sow strawberry. Sowing and planting is a funny quest for me. I don't have a green thumb, so every year is disappointing. In 2013 all my herbs were eaten by ants, the only survivor was melissa and it grew so well last year that I shared it with the neighbour. The yellow and red carrots were the size of radishes, though sweet, and the ant worked their way on the carrot beds too. Last year I got some terrible allergy to an unknown thing presumably something in the garden soil, and after making several beds and discovering large red spots on my legs I left and only returned in summer. However, I replanted some strawberries and they survived and dried about 150 kg of apples and they were good. This year I got plenty of seeds: snow peas, sunflowers, napa cabbage and bok-choy, strawberries, radishes and several types of squashes. There are some beautiful flowers, too. Unfortunately, Russian post prohibits to send seeds and colourful carrots aren't popular among Russian companies, so, I dream about getting the rainbow carrots pack from Canada one day...

And it's time to resume my Korean learning and CAE preparation... And... Why are there only 24 hours in a day and I have to sleep over 6 hours a day to keep sanity?

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